Sunday, November 8, 2009

It Finally Comes

Tomorrow's the day I have an appointment with my advisor! So I'll get to talk about the possiblility of doing the program, and transfering to Johnson and Wales. I'm nervous. I'm gonna go in there and be like "sorry I don't like your school... but can I do the program here to pay less tuition AND get credit for it?"

I'm not sure if I'll do it if I can't get credit for it. There are so many options for me to pick that I'm having a hard time choosing the best one. And if I do it through JWU I'd have to do Fall/Spring Quarter Advantage. I'd really just like to do it August through January.

Wednesday I'm going to JWU to tour and hopefully talk to someone cause I've got a few questions.

I'll probably post tomorrow after my appointment.

FYI, I still don't have my computer. I'm using my dad's laptop for the past week.

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