Monday, November 30, 2009

Vacation Video UP

For your viewing pleasure. It's still uploading so it's not the best quality. But if you're reading this well after I posted it then I'm sure it's fine.

Lemme know if you like it!

Actually, it's really crappy quality still so I'm going to re-upload it in a little while.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vacation Video on the Way

For the past few days I've been trying to edit my vacation videos from my trip to Disney this past July. I should have the first part out in a couple of days. So look for it. I'll post it on here as soon as it's on YouTube. It'll feature traveling, the Boardwalk, Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Been a While

So I haven't posted an entry in a while and there's a reason to that. Last week was so busy. Let's start with last Friday night. I live in a dorm at school, and my roommate was home to eat dinner with her family, and my one of my suitemates went home to be with her boyfriend.. So I watched movies with my other two stuitemates. But one wasn't feeling that well. So we just let her sleep. She had a really bad cough, and a slight fever. But by the time she wanted to go to health services it was closed. So fastforward to the next morning. She comes in my room and wants to go to breakfast and health services. So we go to breakfast and she barely eats anything. Then at health services she finds out that she has the flu. Now, they're not testing for H1N1 at my school, so she could have that. So they give her a ton of medicine and tell her she has to come back in 24 hours. So all day she watches even more movies and rests. Now the next day is when her roommate, my suitemate, comes back sick as a dog. Who comes back to a college dorm sick?? So they're both sleeping all day. Their 3rd roommate and me and my roommate are freaking out about getting sick. And then I start getting a cough that night.

This was not a good week for me to get sick. I have another week of tests, exams, and quizzes. So I take some vitamins and hope for the best. Monday I'm just coughing. Tuesday morning I had class at 8 and picked my classes for next semester, and then had an essay in history to write. That's what I was stressing the most about. Then Wednesday I woke up and felt horrible and took Alka-Seltser Flu stuff. It just make me wicked tired so after math and my computer test I went back to my room and tried to sleep. I called out of dance for that night and the next night. I called my mom and she could tell I was sick because I had no voice. She told me to go to health services. But I was too tired. I just wanted to sleep.

Thursday morning I had a nutrition exam and I'm not doing the best in that class so I tried to study but I was just so exhausted. I woke up grabbed a pop-tart and went to class to take the exam. About 20 minutes into the exam I started not feeling well. I look around and everything's going dark. I try to the the TAs attention, because it's a lecture class and I'm sitting in the front, and I say I'm not feeling well. I get up to go to the bathroom. I try walking up the stairs but I couldn't really control my legs. Then once I get out of the room I just collapse and hit a wall. The TA comes running out the room, helps me up and takes me to the bathroom. I don't remember going to the bathroom, just waking up there. I had passed out for like 10 seconds. Then I got sick, thankfully not over myself of the TA, I knew enough to cover my mouth. So they called the rescue for me. And I got to go to the hospital.

At the hospital I call my mom and she leaves on work to come and visit me. I only live 30 minutes away from school so it wasn't too bad. At the hospital they hook me up to all the monitors and I get an IV. It was scary. I've never been admitted to the hospital or even fainted before. So they just tell me with the stress of the test, and being sick that I was dehydrated and just had a fainting spell. So I get to go home and drink lots of water.

So much for going to class, taking the exam, and sleeping the rest of the day because my history class had already been canceled. I got to take a side trip to the hospital.

So now I'm home, because I knew that I'm wasn't going to get better staying at a germ infested dorm building. My roommate texted me Thursday and told me that our other suitemate has been diagnosed with the Flu. So everyone but my roommate is sick. It's so sucky. And we have classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. Although I'm not going Wednesday because my math class has already been canceled and I'm not staying on campus just to go to a French class that's going to be empty because it's full of upperclassmen.

So, that's my story of the past week. Sorry it's kind of long. I just wanted to catch you guys up. And if you're sick at school. Don't go to class and drink lots of fluids.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Applied today.

No, not to the spring college program. To Johnson and Wales! I filled out the application on the 25th but I wasn't sure what major I wanted. It was between Travel, Tourism, & Hospitality Management or Sports, Entertainment, Event management. I picked TTH, so hopefully I'll get the acceptance in a couple weeks, I just have to send in my college transcript and high school transcript.

Also Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM I get to pick my classes for next semester. Being a Freshman we get the latest times to pick. Like my brother's a senior here and he picked his classes weeks ago. Hopefully I'll get the times I want, but I've made a back up schedule just in case.

Only 2 months and some-odd days till we can apply for Fall '10 CP!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Johnson & Wales Tour

I just got back from a tour at JWU. It was really interesting. Last year when I was looking at schools, I don't know, I guess I didn't pay that much information to all the amazing things they were telling me. But at this tour, I think because now I am a college student, a lot of things stuck out to me. I got to the admissions building like half an hour early. And living only 25 minutes away from the school... that was early. I knew I'd be waiting for a little. But I'd rather be early than late. So in the building I picked up a few pamphlets about transferring, financial aid, and for parents. My parents didn't go with me to the tour, I did this all on my own. Then we went into the presentation room.

The admissions officer talked a lot about the programs on the campus and general things about the school. I asked about double majoring, which they don't offer, and I also asked about commuter parking, which is at the Harbor side campus, which they have a shuttle bus to and from. The average class size is 35 to 40 for the gen eds and 15 to 25 for your specific major courses. I really liked those numbers because I don't like my huge lecture nutrition class that I'm currently in. All the professors are industry experienced faculty and there are not Graduate assistance or TAs. Also a cool thing is that you don't have Friday classes unless you chose to take them. So you have 4 classes twice a week, because it's trimesters you don't take as many classes at one time. I liked that especially because I'm going to be commuting, I can work more. I also liked free printing. I'm surprised that at my school I can't print for free. I'll probably be taking advantage of that.

After that we went on a tour of the campus. Because it's a city campus there is a lot of walking but honestly everything is very close by and there aren't too many buildings so it's not like you're going to be walking across the city in order to get to your next class. I feel that most of my classes will be in the same building.

After the tour I talked to a transfer representative. I talked about how I want to do the DCP next fall. He said that there'd probably be no problem doing it in the fall and then going to JWU in the spring. I think that if I talk to Disney they will probably say the same thing because don't some students who do the program have to take a leave of absence from school to participate? I feel like I'll be doing the same thing, I just will be staying at URI while at the program and then after the program I'd go to JWU.

So now I just have to apply to JWU. Then in January apply for the DCP. I'm really excited. I hope this all works out.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I talked with my advisor today. I started talking about how I wanted to transfer to JWU for their hospitality program. She said that it was better that I switch to someplace where I learn something I want, rather than be forced into their general business program. So hopefully I'll be going to school there next year (at some point).

I just feel like I'm getting my hopes up too much about the Fall program. I really really really don't want to get denied. But also, if I don't end up making the Fall '10 program than I'd be going to JWU that fall, and I could always apply for Spring or next Fall. Nothing against Spring, I just think that the weather would get to me after a while. I mean I'm an Irish girl from Rhode Island. I don't tan, and it gets pretty cold her. Speaking of weather, it was in the 60s today and yesterday. Hopefully it's that nice Wednesday when I go on tour.

So I get my computer back tomorrow. I'm so excited. I'm glad that my dad was able to give me his, it's just annoying how he has this program that deletes the cookies every few hours. So I get to log into all my accounts basically every time I open Explorer.

I think once I apply to the DCP in January then I'd get more focused for what's going to happen next Fall. I hope that if I get in I can "stay" at URI for that semester, and defer my acceptance to JWU until their spring term. That's my goal. Let's hope this all works out.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It Finally Comes

Tomorrow's the day I have an appointment with my advisor! So I'll get to talk about the possiblility of doing the program, and transfering to Johnson and Wales. I'm nervous. I'm gonna go in there and be like "sorry I don't like your school... but can I do the program here to pay less tuition AND get credit for it?"

I'm not sure if I'll do it if I can't get credit for it. There are so many options for me to pick that I'm having a hard time choosing the best one. And if I do it through JWU I'd have to do Fall/Spring Quarter Advantage. I'd really just like to do it August through January.

Wednesday I'm going to JWU to tour and hopefully talk to someone cause I've got a few questions.

I'll probably post tomorrow after my appointment.

FYI, I still don't have my computer. I'm using my dad's laptop for the past week.