Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Campus Presentation

Today I went to the campus presentation in Fall River, Mass about an hour away from my school. I'm getting a little bit crazy about this whole college program thing. I got there 20 minutes early, wasn't the first one there, and watched that pre-show video about 5 times. I noticed a few clips from the e-presentation and hoped that the whole presentation wasn't just like the e-presentation, especially because I watched it Friday night.

The representative talked about how she started with the Disney College Program in '98, did it 3 times, and two professional internships. I meant to ask her how long it took her to complete college but I forgot, and I'm going to e-mail her my question. A lot of the information I've heard before. She showed a video about how Disney is everywhere basically in all aspects of entertainment, from the resorts, to TV and movies, to ABC and ESPN.

What I really took out of this presentation is that they're really trying to recruit for the Disneyland College Program. All the videos shown in the presentation were filmed in Disneyland, the recruiter kept mentioning Disneyland.

Also the presentation focused a lot on what you are able to do after the program. They interviewed many people who did the program when they were in college and are now head of food service or manager of merchandise. They made a point to mention the classes and professional internships which the e-presentation doesn't focus on all that much.

She didn't focus on roles specifically or housing specifically, she just breezed over them and said to check the website to get a better look at what it's all about.

At the end of the presentation she asked if we were going to continue to apply to take the paper with the code on it. I took it. Even though I'm a Fall 10 hopeful I kind of want to apply to Spring 10 just to see if I get in. I don't want to get my hopes up for going next Fall to not make it. I'd be devastated. I also don't want to not pass the new web-based interview. I fail on the first level would be humiliating. If I get in I'd turn it down, I just don't want to waste my time.

So tomorrow I'm going to talk with my advisor about applying in January to go in the Fall. Hopefully all goes well. I'll post tomorrow.

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