Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When it Rains it Shines

So if you've been watching the national news or live in Southern New England you know that there's a whole lot of flooding going around. My campus has canceled the past 3 days of classes (yesterday, today & tomorrow). We have a pond behind my dorm that had turned into a lake. The parking lot of the mall in my hometown looks like this:

Here's a Video

As you can see we're a little flooded. So this morning I woke up to the sound of garbage trucks at 7:30 taking the dumpsters and I was like "hey, I'll check my email to see if classes are canceled..." So I connect my iPod to the internet and see that I have 3 new emails... I don't remember what the first two were but the next one was DISNEY!! I'M A FALL 2010 MERCH CP!!!

My roommate was up because she got a million texts about classes being canceled and I shove my iPod in her face and she was happy that I got in. Then I called my mom (and woke her up) telling her that I got in. I was so frustrated last week because I've been waiting for over 2 months now. So she was really happy for me.

So I quickly accepted and will be checking in August 9th. I was really surprised to see the first date on the list because I knew that some people haven't been able to pick it.. but I got it because I know a lot of people are going that day and I'll get first pick of the apartments. Also, I'm gonna need a roommate/apartment mates. So if you're wellness and want to live in Chatham post a comment on here!

I told my friends and they're all really excited for me and were asking me all about it. I'm really excited. I've been waiting far too long for this. I was getting really pessimistic about it thinking I wasn't going to get it and that they put me through 3 months of hell just waiting. But I got it!

I'm definitely doing the 8/9/10 pre-check-in dinner and have joined the event. I hope to see all of you down there!

P.S. You all should watch Skins. It's a British show but I've caught up on all the episodes online through Netflix and random Japanese sites. The season just ended but it's awesome. That's what I dedicated my whole spring break to lol.


  1. Love the title! Congrats! :) I knew we would all get in!

  2. Congratulations Molly!!!!!!! I'm SO happy for you!!! :)

  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to see you on 8/9!

  4. Hey Molly! Congrats!

    I found your blog randomly through one of those girls up there ^^ (I couldn't apply for the fall but I've been reading your blogs and getting LOTS of helpful information to apply in the fall for spring '11...THANK YOU!) I'm so glad they accepted you finally, I could tell how bad you wanted it!

  5. I know this post is almost a month old but I just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to say I'm amused at your picture of your acceptance e-mail because my name is also Molly and I'll be applying for Merchandise for Fall 2011. Hahaha! So I think I'm just gonna stare at your email and pretend it's mine.

    Anyway I'm so happy for you and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!!