Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's TIME!!

So I'm the billionth person to let everyone know this but APPLICATIONS ARE UP!! I had to work yesterday 12 to 5 so I checked the site in the morning but they weren't up. Then I get home and I am on facebook and I see Abby's post to the facebook group. I was excited. I watched the e-presentation but couldn't apply just then because I had to go to dance at 7. So after dance I applied. It went well. The only problem I had was during the web interview the site got screwed up and had an error and so I had to start that part all over again. I tried to put much of the same answers. But after finishing it the second time I PASSED! I was really nervous for that part. I would have been crushed if I didn't pass it.

This morning I wake up and try to schedule my phone interview around 9:30 est. The phone rings and rings forever and then I get connected. The woman asks my name and email, all that stuff. She says that she has tomorrow (Friday) at 10:15 pm availability but I couldn't take it because I have work that night. So then she puts me on hold for a long time and keeps checking in to let me know that she doesn't want me to hang up they're just opening up new interview times. So I'm on hold for like 10 minutes but I got to listen to awesome Disney music. So then something weird happens and I get connected to another person and do the whole thing over again. Then she tells me that she'll call me back with new interview times. I ask her if she'll leave a message because I have work today and dance class tonight and she said that was fine.

So hopefully she calls within the next 30 minutes before I leave for work. Or else I'm going to be a bad employee and keep my phone in my pocket and check it every 5 minutes.

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