Sunday, January 17, 2010

If I get in...

So I've decided that if I get into the Fall 2010 program that I'm buying myself some Vera Bradly travel bags. I love the new patterns that are out for Spring. I'm either going to get a Weekender/Get Carried Away Tote/Miller Bag/Small Duffel with a Mini Hipster for the parks and maybe an actual purse.

I can't wait for applications to come out. In the chat last night we were all hoping they come out sometime this week but Kirstin (I think..?) was saying how they're probably going to come out in February.... I think I'm able to wait a few more week because I've been waiting for the past 4 months.

I've always wanted to do the Disney College Program ever since around 8th grade. I always knew it was an option for me. I just kind of forgot about it... well I didn't even realize that I could do it SO soon once I started college. I was just taking classes and then one day I pop on the DIS College Boards and then on the WDWCP website and looked up the closest presentation to me. That's when I made the blog.

I didn't want to do Spring '10 because I wanted to live on campus for a full year. Also this was all before I started thinking about transferring to Johnson and Wales. So Fall '10 it is for me. I've thought about advantage but I really want to save up some money this summer where I currently work. I've gained some seniority there and can get a lot of shifts.

If I don't get into the Fall '10 program I can either stay at URI, go to community college to get my gen-eds done cheaply, or fully transfer to Johnson and Wales. If I transfer to JWU before I ever do the DCP then I have to do a quarter term for the DCP. I'm not sure if I'm going to like the summer at Disney that's why I'm starting off with just plain Fall 2010.

I know I'm repeating myself somewhat on this post. But I'm also reassuring myself on what I want to do.

So for now all I have to do is wait for applications to come out in the upcoming days/weeks. Then the whole thing's a waiting game. So let the games begin!

Oh remember how I was stressing about my finals? I passed all of them. I thought I was going to fail history and got a C- in the class. Nutrition I got a C in. I'm not ususally a C person, but those classes weren't my best. Over all I got a 2.89 gpa. This semester I'm going to try a lot harder but that will be difficult with apps lol.

All you Fall '10 hopefuls join the Facebook group and come chat with us almost nightly in the AIM Chat.

My trip report will be coming up. So stay tuned.

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