Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still Waiting

Sorry for the lack of posting. Nothing's really happened for me YET! Yesterday a lot of applicants got accepted. I signed on to Facebook after getting home from school around 4 and saw that Abby posted on the Facebook Group that she got her email. I then checked my email and I did have 3 emails, from Target, The Container Store, and something else. But no Disney. I hopped right on the chat and we all talked about where we'd want to work. I've decided that they mainly accepted FA people though some regular Falls did get accepted. And they're probably not going to send out emails during the weekends... So I'm shooting for Monday. **crossing my fingers** I wish I was in the first round of people and could be like Kris and just take the first regular fall check in date (August 9th for those asking.) I've already looked at plane tickets and how much a room would be at All-Stars. Gah I'm so excited.

So now I'm going to work until about 8 tonight so I'm hoping that my email will be sitting in my inbox. Now I just wish I had a phone where I could check my email.... if only.

So talk to you guys later. I have to get ready for work now.

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