Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updates. FINALLY!

So in my last post I told everyone that I would be updating soon... and that was 3 weeks ago. So updates.

I had my advisor appointment. She told me that URI still doesn't give credit for the program. I even asked her if they gave credit for the ACE recommended courses that Disney offers and she said that it wouldn't matter since I won't be graduating from URI anyway. In order to keep health insurance while I'm in the DCP I'm going to need to stay "enrolled" in school. So we checked out the online classes that URI offers and if any of them would transfer over to Johnson and Wales. In order to find out if they would transfer I had to email Johnson and Wales.

That's why this wait took so long. I emailed the admissions representative who then told me to email the transfer advisor. I got the wrong email for the advisor and realized it yesterday.

I emailed her my questions and she got back to me this morning. She said that the two classes offered at URI wouldn't transfer over to JWU but that they do offer credit for the courses that Disney offers. So as of right now I'm most likely going to be taking an online class per trimester while I'm down in Florida.

Also, I have exams next week and the week after. I really just want this semester to be over. I hate some of my classes and the grades will probably be too low to transfer over; I need at least a C-. I just suck at microeconomics and it's not my fault that my sociology professor's grading style doesn't allow anyone to pass.

But here's your update. Sorry it took so long!


  1. I don't know if you've done this or not... And refresh my memory, but you're 08/09 too right?
    I thought I'd have to stay a full-time student to stay on insurance, but my parents called the company recently and apparently in May or June certain parts of the new healthcare bill go into effect that might work out for us. The person my father talked to said to call them sometime in May, because by then they should have new policies in affect, that don't require us to stay students.
    Just thought I'd mention that in case you haven't checked it out yet!

  2. It's probably just safer for me to stay on health insurance while I'm down there. Technically I could leave school and still stay on in until my 19th birthday or something like that.. but I turn 19 in October.